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World Premiere: HeatFlow measurements at great depths (10.000m)

10.000m equates to 1000bar – that’s quite a lot.

The mean depth of the world ocean is ‘only’ about 3.700m but the great deep sea plains are below that and the tectonic trenches often reach water depths well in the 7-8-thousand meter range. However, so far only 12 locations are known where the ocean depth exceeds 10.000m from which the deepest is the so-called Vityaz Deep (a part of the Challenger Deep, cf.

We proudly announce that we have managed to modify our well-established measuring system to resist 1000bar of outer pressure and herewith present the new model HeatFlowProbe UD (UD for Ultra Deep).
You are invited to find out about heat flow in the greatest depths of
the ocean (as long as your wire is long enough…).

Review article about sediment temperatures and 2K-criterion available online

A team of scientists from FIELAX has submitted a manuscript about the variability of sediment temperatures and the so-called 2K-criterion to the Elsevier journal ‘Applied Thermal Engineering’. The manuscript: /Temperatures in shallow marine sediments: Influence of thermal properties, seasonal forcing, and man-made heat sources/ was accepted today and is available under the following link:

Highlights of this article are:

  • Sediment thermal properties are highly variable.
  • Seasonal forcing causes large spatial and temporal sediment temperature variations.
  • Power cable temperatures strongly depend on thermal properties of a given site.
  • The 2K-criterion is not suitable to detect man-made heat injection.

FIELAX reaches new depths: 5432m to be exact!

FIELAX likes to announce the successful performance of a heat flow measurement in a water depth of more than 5400m. On board the RV Investigator, FIELAX has performed heat flow measurements in the Bight Basin (Offshore South Australia) for the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), in cooperation with Chevron. The deepest station measurment was performed in 5432m water depth, a new record for FIELAX and our equipment.

Temperature modelling in 3D

EFRE Bremen
EFRE Bremen

Within the project ModelHeat (funded by ‘Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung’) FIELAX developed a three-dimensional model to calculate temperature fields in marine sediments or onshore soil. Given inputs are measured thermal properties and approximated seasonal temperature deviations of the water/air. Thus, the seasonal effects as well as influences from heat sinks- and sources (such as energy cables or heat exchangers) may be modelled.

Onshore HeatFlow measurements using drilling technology

In partnership with Marine Sampling Holland and Wiertsema & Partners, we have broadened our portfolio of HeatFlow measurements. The well proven technology of in-situ measurements of thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and thermal capacity can now be used onshore at practically unlimited depth. Using the drilling technology of Wiertsema & Partners, the system can be brought down to the desired depth and measure these thermal parameters up to 5m downwards. This unique method was used at three locations onshore Eemshaven in order to determine the thermal properties of the sediments at absolute depths of 3-7 m. The results will be used for a safe planning of a power cable crossing.