These are publications that have been written by FIELAX employees:

  • Usbeck, Rössler (2017), Where have you been, Polarstern?, Hydrographische Nachrichten
  • Müller, Usbeck, Miesner (2016), Temperatures in shallow marine sediments: Influence of thermal properties, seasonal forcing, and man-made heat sources, Applied Thermal Engineering
  • Miesner, Lechleiter, Müller (2015), Reconstructing bottom water temperatures from measurements of temperature and thermal diffusivity in marine sediments, Ocean Science
  • Müller, Miesner, Usbeck, Schmitz (2013), 2K-criterion: measuring and modelling temperatures and thermal conductivities/diffusivities in shallow marine sediments, Proc. Conference on Maritime Energy 2013, TUHH, Hamburg, pp. 475 – 490
  • Dillon, Müller, Usbeck (2012): Acquiring Thermal Conductivity Data From Shear-Resistant Sediments, Sea Technology