Where have you been, Polarstern?

Polarstern mastertracks on southern hemisphere

FIELAX/AWI give an answer in a recently published article in Hydrographische Nachrichten (Hydrographic News). It is about 35 years of navigation data history of the German research ice breaker RV “Polarstern”.

Navigation data from RV “Polarstern” has been recorded from 1982 (when GPS was not born yet) until today, 2017. FIELAX processed all these data on behalf of AWI in the past years and generated a “mastertrack” for each expedition. The track history, processing workflows and results are now published by Peter Gerchow (AWI) and us in the current issue of the magazin  “Hydrographische Nachrichten”.

Download of the latest issue: HN 107, 06/2017