World Premiere: HeatFlow measurements at great depths (10.000m)

10.000m equates to 1000bar – that’s quite a lot.

The mean depth of the world ocean is ‘only’ about 3.700m but the great deep sea plains are below that and the tectonic trenches often reach water depths well in the 7-8-thousand meter range. However, so far only 12 locations are known where the ocean depth exceeds 10.000m from which the deepest is the so-called Vityaz Deep (a part of the Challenger Deep, cf.

We proudly announce that we have managed to modify our well-established measuring system to resist 1000bar of outer pressure and herewith present the new model HeatFlowProbe UD (UD for Ultra Deep).
You are invited to find out about heat flow in the greatest depths of
the ocean (as long as your wire is long enough…).