TRT measurements in tidal seas offshore Taiwan for Jan de Nul

The measurements went very well thanks to support and knowledge of Jan de Nul and locals.

In autumn 2018, FIELAX has conducted TRT measurements offshore Taiwan for Jan de Nul. The data will be used to enlarge the knowledge base and optimize the planning for the big offshore wind farms Formosa and Changhua. More information about this project can be found at Jan de Nuls Website (

The measurements were performed with our newly designed tripod for manual installation of a 6m thermal probe. The sensor string is installed by smooth vibration and vertical guiding into the sediment. With this probe, 22 TRT measurements can be determined simultaneously with minimum impact to the sub bottom layers. A heat pulse is released and TRT values are determined by mathematical inversion from the decay of the heat pulse. The result is a depth-resolved TRT profile of the undisturbed sediment with 22 evenly spaced values to a maximum depth of about 5,3m. More information can be found at