Temperature Error Estimation (TEEst)

In cooperation with the working group "Mathematical Statistics" of the University of Bremen, the project "Temperature Error Estimation (TEEst)" was launched on 15 May. The components of a sediment-cable temperature model are statistically modeled to arrive at an error estimate for the cable temperature under real conditions. The electric utility companies can then dimension their cables resource-conserving but nevertheless safe. The project is supported by funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the state of Bremen.

Solar power for FIELAX 🙂

This week, H&H Wührmann (www.wuehrmann.de) installs a 30kW photovoltaic system on the roof of our company building. With this, we aim to produce the bulk of our electric power demand and save not only costs but significant amounts of CO2. We are looking forward to use our own green energy in the future!

Feasibility Study INKA

Within a feasibility study FIELAX GmbH analysed the soft- and hardware technical implementation of a digital, INtelligent underwater interpretation and communication assistant (INKA) and  described all necessary steps for the further development. There are several practical examples of applications which would improve technically as well as economically. This project was supported financially by the federal state of Bremen.