Research aircrafts Polar 5 & 6

For the Alfred-Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven we worked at, with and in the polar research aircrafts Polar 5 and Polar 6 throughout the years 2008 to 2016. We planned, documented, supervised and/or did technical installations of scientific equipment and experiments. Read more

Echosounding support for RV Heincke and RV Mya II

FS Heincke and FS Maya II are research ships of AWI which have a large range of different scientific sonars. Both have multi-beam echo sounders, Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) and other multi frequency echosounders. On behalf of the AWI we support many of those systems which means system maintenance and the education and the support of their users.

On RV FS Heincke we take care of the:

  • Multibeam echosounder Kongsberg EM710
  • Sub bottom echosounder Innomar SES2000
  • ADCP RDI Workhorse Mariner 600 kHz (mobile use in moon pool)
  • ADCP RDI Ocean Surveyor 150 kHz (hull-mounted)
  • SV probe Valeport Midas

Before the campaigns we offer user trainings. Please contact us duly before your cruise to make an appointment.

FIELAX short manuals and manufacturer's documentation is available in the FS Heincke - Geräteakte.

On RV Mya II we take care of the:

  • multibeam echosounder L3 ELAC SeaBeam 1185
  • multi frequence singlebeam echosounder BioSonics DT-X
  • ADCP RDI Workhorse Mariner 600 kHz
  • SV probe Sea & Sun CTD90M

Please contact us for a user training. and for FIELAX short manuals and manufacturer's documentation of the instruments.

Research vessel RV Polarstern

The German research vessel "Polarstern" is an important instrument of the German polar and marine research. The ship has an own data centre, a complex IT infrastructure and hundreds of scientific sensors which were maintained and supervised by seagoing FIELAX personnel throughout the years 2002 to 2013.

Met mast “Amrumbank West”

The met mast "Amrumbank West" is founded in the German North Sea near the island Amrum, about 90 m of height in a water depth of 23 m. It measures parameters relating wind, weather, wave and water currents. The acquired data is transmitted regularly to shore by short wave radio and by satellite. The power supply consists of batteries, small wind turbines, solar panels and a diesel-engine. Read more

IT-Service for Neumayer-Station III

The German Antarctic research station "Neumayer" is built into the Ekström ice shelf in Atka bay (East Antarctica). Several observatories for meteorological, geophysical and air chemical research are operated year round in the close vicinity of the station. The station's computer network is complex, and yet must be though set up to be fail-proof, redundant and easy to maintain. IT-services on "Neumayer", administration of the network and IT consulting for the computer facilities and observatories was provided by FIELAX.